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Video Evidence that Spirit Airlines Flights Aren’t Always Total Hell.

Jake Redman April 4, 2016 2

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Airline: Spirit Airlines
Aircraft: A321
Seat maps:   See Screenshot Below
Our Seat(s): 1D
Class: Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat

Among the fancy-travel crowd there are many that would take the bus as soon as they’d hop aboard a Spirit Airlines flight. For the most part we’re right there with them but with an occasional incentive, we’re lured back to the coin-chugging, fee-happy airline. These rare occasions when a ultra -low fare is offered and a quick turnaround will allow us to travel without a bag. This time? A $35 one-way from New York to Fort Lauderdale.

Seating for A321 Spirit Airlines Flights
You’ll have to pay to pick seats in advance for your Spirit Airlines flights, but the very front seats are more likely worth the price.

That Big Front Seat.

Aboard this A321, you’ve got 2 rows of “Big Front Seats”, domestic first class sized seats arranged 2-2 (for a total of 8). In any of these Big Front seats on Spirit Airlines flights aboard this A321 configuration you’ll get good width for your hips and a good amount of extra legroom. If you’re in row 2 and don’t have under-seat carryon bags, you’ll get better stretch but here in row 1 there’s still a competitive amount of space between you and the bulkhead wall.

Width is a big deal in these premium seats on Spirit Airlines flights.
There are 8 of these big front seats on Spirit Airlines Flights operating this A321. All come with good width and legroom.

We like that the seats are leather and are, for the most part, comfortable. Some have complained about the “slimline” profile of these and similar seats but we didn’t notice a significant difference on our 2+ hour hop.

Buy the Bigger Soduku Book.

One of the few things that comes free on most Spirit Airlines flights is boredom. Big Front seat or not, you get none of the modern perks found on many domestic competitors. No wi-fi, no power outlet, no usb port, no personal TV…not even an in-flight magazine. Bring your own fun and make sure its charged beforehand.

Hungry? Bring Your Credit Card bro.

Because yours are Big Front Seats doesn’t mean you get anything else above what the rest of the plane gets. You’ll have to buy your snacks just like the person in 22B. That said, Spirit Airlines flights offer pretty reasonable combo deals that in our opinion are preferable to a domestic first class snack basket. We were hell bent on not paying a cent on this flight so we brought our own snacks and ordered hot water to drink…and liked it.

Spirit Airlines Food...well actually OUR food.
BYO L’Occitane refreshing towelettes, store-brand cashews and hot water. It’s the same desperate attempt at first class-style snacking for free we always use on Spirit Airlines Flights.

Pure Economy Service.

These big front seats on Spirit Airlines flights won’t get you preferred treatment but will get you on the plane a little faster. You’ll be placed in an earlier boarding zone than those in normal economy seats but there’s no dedicated flight attendant or amenities that come with the upgrade. Flight attendants were perfectly friendly and helpful on our hop to South Florida.

Rating: 4.3 (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: New York (LGA) – Fort Lauderdale, FL

How we got em’

Our one-way fare for a typical economy seat on a Tuesday night was $35. Let that sink in…

For the upgrade we paid another $35 and it was all worth it.

Thanks for watching and reading our review of these “Big Front” seats on Spirit Airlines flights aboard this configuration of the A321.

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