Some airlines are just good at playing along. Some poke fun at fake advancements in passenger experience and some harness starpower within their brand. Here are the travel related April fool videos we like the best so far for 2016.

Virgin America – New Logo

Virgin America goes a little over the top with their Zoolander-esque “N_Fuzion”-designed new logo that looks like…well, you decide.


Virgin Australia – Kids Class

Virgin Australia gets cute AND funny with “Kids class”, a much kid-friendlier cabin than WestJet’s short lived “Kargo-Kids“. The custom built seats for “kickers” are hilarious and “bubbles on-demand” should be a real thing.

WestJet – “Ralfh”

Its tendency to vomit snacks in your direction appears to be the motivation behind the name of WestJet’s new robotic in-flight canteen. Things get tricky when we find out Ralfh has feelings.

Southwest – CashLav!!

Forget rumors of airlines trying to charge you to use the can. Southwest Airlines pays you to “Take Care of Business!!”. This one almost seems like it could be real… but if you REALLY have to go, $50 a question might not be worth it (not to mention the privacy issues involved with mounting cameras in the lavatory).

There are sure to be more out there, so let us know of any NEW airline April Fools videos for 2016 that we might have missed in the comments!

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