Review of: Skyview Lounge
Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) - Terminal 1

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On April 30, 2012
Last modified:April 30, 2012


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Airline/Club Name:
 Skyview Lounge (Ind.)
Location: SIN- Singapore Changhi
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal 1


Buffet at Skyview Lounge - SIN

Staring at 24+ hours of economy class gourmet, I was sure to stuff my face.

Notes: My first thought when I hopped the quick escalator ride up to the Skyview Lounge at Changi was that I was about to be scammed. I’d use up a valuable Priority Pass tick and have spent an hour plus in a skyway that’s not really even separate from the airport. But once you’re in, this open-air bridge style lounge… feels like a lounge. The main area is spacious and seating areas are sectioned off nicely for both small groups and singles making connections or departing from Terminal 1.

Food is equal to or greater than most indie lounges than I’ve visited. For this breakfast visit, I had an assortment of pastries, snacks and western or Asian entree items. Tiny chocolate croissants (okay, some Euro representation there too), mini-pancakes and noodles were enough to get me started on a full day of economy flying back to the US.

Wi-Fi: Yes/Complimentary. Speed was acceptable but not blazing fast.

Service: Front desk staff were friendly, efficient and helpful. Lounge was kept impossibly clean by staff on this visit so the entire crew was on their game.

Convenience to gate: This is a large terminal so ask at the front desk what the trip to your gate will take. For Delta flights, it’s a quick jump (about a 3 minute walk).

How I got in/Strategies: Priority Pass. If you’re not particularly loyal to a specific airline or don’t travel enough to justify the cost of a full lounge membership, I highly recommend joining. If you’d like to buy a pass in advance and are paying in British Pounds (GBP), try goSimply.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)