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Video | SpringHill Suites Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor

Jake Redman July 11, 2013

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On July 11, 2013
Last modified:December 30, 2023


Hotel Name: SpringHill Suites by Marriott
Location: Baltimore, MD (USA)
Room Type: 1BR Suite Corner

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Tiny windows - Springhill Suites Baltimore/Inner Harbor
Your desperate pleas for help won’t be heard through the thick, tiny prison windows of this 1BR Suite at Springhill Suites Baltimore/Inner Harbor.

The Room: It’s hard to watch the video we took of this room at SpringHill Suites Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor. Not because it makes the room look terrible, but because it doesn’t. Our far-away shots just don’t seem to capture the real wear & tear on this room. Lesson learned.  We’ll be sure to get more close-ups of the nastiness next time.

But there’s just no way to properly capture the smell.

If Glade made a “lived in” scented plug-in, this is what it would smell like. It’s a tolerable odor only after you’ve settled in and it’s become your “new normal”. First whiff brings hints of fresh carpet powder, damp towels and a large man’s dirty underpants.

You might not be too unhappy with the bed. Linens appeared clean and the mattress fits the comfort profile of what you should find in a 3 star hotel. Pillows were fluffy and my wife, the ultimate bed-comfort tester, had no complaints.

Worn out chair - Springhill Suites Baltimore/Inner Harbor
This is why Grandma puts those plastic covers on her furniture. – Tattered chair at Springhill Suites Baltimore/Inner Harbor.

The washroom features a separate sink area and toilet/shower room. Counter space is tight with just a small amount of room on either side of the sink for your toiletries, make-up, etc. If you’re taking advantage of the whole room and have an extra person (or persons) staying on the sofa-bed, this space could get pretty crowded. There’s nothing suite-like about the shower, just a typical shower/bath combo with reasonable water pressure.

Service: Here’s where this hotel shines. While we didn’t push the staff with any particular problems, we found the front desk and support crew to be very pleasant. Welcoming smiles, great suggestions for things to do in the area and unsolicited greetings at breakfast (“We’re glad you’re here”) make this place special. You’ll just wish it was at a different hotel.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: The complimentary wi-fi won’t win any speed contests, but that it was free and worked consistently kept us from being grossed out about how tattered and spilled-on the furniture we were sitting on was.

Overall: For the price, this room disappoints on many levels. It’s cheap feel extends from its appliances to the mismatched and worn furniture. The exclamation point on our stay was walking to check-out through a lobby that smelled like raw sewage. I’m not sure that’s a normal feature, but I could have done without it.

If you’re looking for shelter because you’re locked out of your house or there’s been a natural disaster, this room is great. If you have a choice, it’s not. But stop in and say hi to the friendly crew at the front desk.

Rating (Room-only): 2 hops of 5

How we got it/Booking: Booked using the Marriott website. SpringHill suites is a part of the Marriott family, so Marriott Rewards points can be redeemed to book here.

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