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On November 18, 2013
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Airline: Swiss Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
Seat Info: 11K
Class: Business


Swiss A330-300 Business Seat

The “half-throne”‘ window seat is our favorite. Easy window access and good separation from the aisle. – 11K aboard a Swiss A330-300 in Business.

Seat(s): They’re a little bit older but despite minor differences these Swiss Airlines A330-300 business class seats are the same as those we reviewed in an Austrian Airlines business class cabin not long before. Big consoles separate you from neighbors, the aisle or the window. 11K is a solo seat with it’s ginormous console sparing you the  foot traffic and food-cart bumps that other aisle seats have to put up with. You’re also not separated from the window by another console like you’d find in one of the few much talked about  “throne” seats with large consoles on BOTH sides.

This is a well cushioned and comfortable lie-flat seat. When fully reclined you’re in great shape for sleep in a fully flat position and one of the more reasonably sized footwells we’ve seen. With the soft down pillow and duvet provided, sleep shold come easy if the outside air cooperates.

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Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: Your power outlet and headphone jack are conveniently right next to your head above the  large console and under your reading light. You’ve also got USB and iPod connections near your personal TV.  The TV? Kinda’ small. Wi-fi? No.

PTV in Business Class aboard a Swiss A330-300

The screen isn’t huge, but big enough for bird watching. – Personal TV in Swiss Business Class aboard an A330-300

Food: The first course was one of those things that looked good on the menu but wasn’t as easy to  look at once it was in front of me. The remaining courses were all good. This China-bound flight had Hunan Chicken as it’s flight-specific option which I found to be quite tasty. A Swiss flight wouldn’t be a Swiss flight without a cheese course and I feel like a dunce for skipping it. Being tired and not that hungry I skipped to a quick fruit desert and coffee, also good.

Service: There wasn’t much to dislike about the flight attendants. It was mostly smiles and polished professionalism throughout the flight where services were happily delivered at appropriate times. (In other words, meals came when they were supposed to and no one was yelling “DUTY FREE!” in the middle of my nap.)

Rating: 4 “hops” (of 5).

Route Flown (for this review): ZUR (Zurich) – PEK (Beijing)

How we got em’: This was a large sliver of a Star Alliance award itinerary using US Airways Dividend Miles. The gang at PointsPros found a great  all-business class trip using just a handful of  miles to Asia (via Europe).

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