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Video | United Airlines 767-400 Business First – Seat 1D

Jake Redman June 17, 2013 15

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On June 17, 2013
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Airline: United Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 767-400
Row: 1
Class: Business First


Business First Seat Controls
Easy seat controls make you look like a business class pro. Even if you’re a newbie. – Business First on a United 767-400

Seat(s): In the seated position this United Airlines 767-400 Business First Seat is as comfortable as many it it’s class. Width is fairly decent at *21 inches and enough legroom to stretch out and watch your personal TV, eat dinner and take a cat nap. If you’re here to sleep it’s not exactly a king sized tempurpedic or sleep-number bed, but something closer to a depression-era twin. That’s not a huge knock on the seat, just matching it up with it’s on-earth equivalent. Still way better than what you’ll get 20 rows back.

In the sleep position you may feel some of the mechanics of the seat digging into your side, back or stomach. The padding could use an extra inch or two but the bumps werent a totlal nuisance as I was able to get comfortable by shifting myself up a bit. The problem on this flight was non-stop “light” chop. If you’re a good air-sleeper and you’ve got reasonably smooth air, it should be easy to get comfortable.

United Business Elite Power Port
Power and audio in United Airlines Business Elite Cabin aboard a 767-400

The benefit of a center seat is that you have aisle access on either side, so there’s no navigating over your sleeping neighbor as you would be from a window seat. Climbing over doesn’t appear to be an easy task either with little room to move and nothing to grab onto for leverage. If you’re on the window, You may want to intimately know the person in the aisle seat.

Tech/Connectivity: Directly over your shoulder in a small cubby you’ll find a standard power outlet and a USB charger port. There, You’ll also find the headphone port for your personal TV unit.
This good sized entertainment unit doesn’t have the hundreds of movie titles and TV shows we’ve seen on other carriers, but features a solid handful of recent Hollywood releases and (mostly) US based shows/sitcoms. Other features like the moving map, games and short-form programming are comparable to what you’d find aboard other US airlines that offer them.

United 767-400 Business Elite Salad
The healthiest part of your meal is also the most colorful. – Salad in Business First aboard a United 767-400

Food: I came hungry so it was easy for The menu to seem impressive. Main course seafood, veggie pasta, chicken and red meat options were offered. The other courses are chosen for you (cold appetizer, after dinner cheese & wine) but you get to choose toppings for your ice cream sundae.
If there’s a complaint it might be the length of the food service. This can cause problems if you’re trying to get a good, long nap in before you arrive.

Service: Nothing on this flight was above and beyond what you’d expect inside international business class, but this time was far more pleasant than other experiences aboard United in recent years. Could this be a +1 for United’s service?

Rating: 3 “hops” (of 5).

Route flown: Newark (EWR) – Zurich (ZRH)

How we got em’: Miles & money. Space available upgrades can be had between booking and flight time. A relatively low number of miles combined with a cash amount (seemingly based on distance) can make sense depending on what you paid for the original ticket.

*Seat width information courtesy

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  1. Andrew on June 17, 2013

    There is a huge advantage to being in the front actually. The footwell is significantly larger which is a huge feature.

      • aislander on August 9, 2013

        I recently booked (on aircraft 767-400ER) seat 2D, when Andrew said there’s are huge advantage to being in the front, is he saying I’d have more foot room in (available) seat 1D?

        • Jake Redman on August 9, 2013

          1A/B and 1K/L have larger footwells than other seats, otherwise they’re standard for this class. Personally, I still like the “D” seats because there’s no neighbor that will have to crawl over you while you’re sleeping to get out or vice-versa.

          • aislander on August 10, 2013

            Thanks.! I’m 6’6″ tall…I can use all the room I can get! I have changed my seat assignment to 1D.
            Thanks again!

    • aislander on August 9, 2013

      I recently booked (on same aircraft 767-400) seat 2D, are you saying I’d have more foot room in 1D?

  2. Doc on June 28, 2013

    Thanks for posting it. Is there a disadvantage with the aisle or center Row 1 in terms of Lav and Galley Traffic? Is there crossover in front of the 1st seat center?

    • modhop on June 28, 2013

      There is galley traffic but it wasn’t a bother in the center (D) seat as it’s better separated than the AB/KL seats thanks to a coat closet in front of your seat. The lavs were behind business class so they were no bother at all. There’s no crossover in this seat unless someone were rude enough to cut right through your seat…but that would just be mean.

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