Airbus A320

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On April 17, 2009
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Airline: Delta
Aircraft: A320
Seat: 1C
Class: First

Notes:If you’re buying into first class solely for the legroom, this might not be the seat for you. In fact, you’d be better off in the first row of coach (row 5) if you don’t mind the skinnier seats or absence of free drinks and a “meal”. For a cheap or free upgrade it’s not bad though. The cut-out at your feet allows for a little bit of leg-extension…but you’ll still have to store your carry-ons overhead. You’re also missing the foot rest that you’ll find elsewhere in first. But it’s still first class (albeit domestic first).

Summary: Okay seat for anything under 3 hours if you’re under 6 feet or don’t need a lot of legroom. The seats themselves are otherwise comfy and the service is typically friendly. *Note: Thanks to upgraded cabin interiors and the addition of in-flight wi-fi (for purchase) my rating of this seat is up slightly from previous reviews.

Rating:2 hops (of 5).

Strategy: If you’ve achieved lower level elite status with Delta, your best bet is to fly on a weekend when business travelers are typically not flying. The first class cabin on this A320 has just 16 seats total so it will be harder to grab an upgrade during the week.  Any open seats in first will be awarded by level of status and then offered for paid upgrade on rare occasion.  Upper level elites (Platinum, Diamond Medallion) are generally a lot more successful with weekday upgrades, but it’s never guaranteed.

How I got it: Delta Medallion Status. (Silver/Gold) Upgraded on Saturday morning flight between LGA (New York LaGuardia) and MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul).


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