With so much to talk about we had to sort of force our way into the podcast room. Again, we’re sans guest but I found some great places to talk about after my yearly trek to the New York Times Travel show. Plus, some really good news about an airport hotel that’ll be a destination itself that’s taking it’s first reservation soon and a couple of big US airlines are getting new, tiny planes. 2019 New York Times Travel Show

New York Times Travel Show

Mentioned on the podcast:
  • Want to take amazing pictures of Northern Portugal? Got 4000 bucks?
  • Want to tour Southern Japan on a fancy train? Circle Kyushu aboard 7 Stars Cruise Train. CNN Style took the the ride:
  • See MORE of Japan with ANA and JR East Rail.
  • Ryan still isn’t convinced, but I’d be all over it next time I’m in Ukraine: Chernobyl-Tours.com
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  • The TWA Hotel at JFK is almost ready for you.
  • United adds premium seats and a “new” plane.
  • NYC Aviation had some solid tweets from Delta’s A220 Launch Flights:
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