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A Starter Guide to Foodie fun!

Contributing Author November 4, 2022

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Food and travel goes hand in hand. The food in each place you visit will tell a unique story about its customs and cultures; from the different tools and methods they use to prepare and cook foods to the ingredients they use. Over time, the availability of different meats, seafoods, dairy, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in the country have impacted the dishes that were created. This repetition has worked its way into the fabric of the culture. So, when you’re visiting any place, it’s well worth checking out what food is out there and sampling it to better understand the destination. Here’s how you can have fun travelling as a foodie. 

One of Jake’s favorites. SPICY Serpent head fish in Bangkok. Photo: modhop

Go to a place that’s known for great food

Jake’s a big fan of both Italy and Thailand (he’s even had really good Italian food in Thailand!) but ANY destination you visit is a chance to try new types of food, learn about the cuisine and ingredients and enjoy eating. However, some places are well known for their fantastic food. Whether it’s because of their incredible restaurants, mouth watering ingredients or unique cooking methods, it could be worth checking out a place like this when you’re deciding on your next vacation spot. If you narrow it down to a country, you could do some research to find out which states, cities or towns will offer the best experiences for foodies. 


Go on guided tours and classes

Lots of destinations will offer guided tours of eateries enabling you to find the best hidden gems. There are vineyard tours, and even cooking classes where you get to find out about different ingredients, methods, customs and cultures around the food at the place you’re visiting. These allow you to learn so much, you can take this information back with you to improve your own cooking and it can also give you more of an appreciation for the food, as you understand the background behind it. You can also research local websites designed for locals to find DIY food-finding guides.

Tuna spaghetti in Florence, Italy. Jake give enthusiastic thumb-sup. Photo: modhop


Visit different types of venues

From small street food vendors off the beaten path, to large restaurants aimed at tourists. Visit the cheese shops in Amsterdam to sample the goods, the patisseries in France. Eat the Pizzas in Italy and the paella in Spain- keep it versatile! Don’t forget bars and nightlife too if this is part of the culture; a trip to California might involve a trip to Duke’s Spirited Cocktails followed by the Nightingale Plaza. Mixing it up keeps things interesting so keep an open mind and aim to visit lots of different types of establishments while you’re away. 


Step out of your comfort zone

Many places in the world will use ingredients that you’re not familiar with. These might come from parts of a plant or animal that you wouldn’t typically eat at home, or perhaps something you’ve never tried (bugs anyone?). It’s easy to shy away, but if you can, step out of your comfort zone. Give them a go as a way to expand your palate and open your mind!

What place has YOUR favorite foods? Let us know in the comments or on socials @modhop

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