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Advice You Should Ignore About Family Vacations.

Contributing Author April 17, 2020

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Going on vacation as a family can be a truly incredible experience. You all get some uninterrupted bonding time and make memories to last a lifetime. To make family vacations that are a lot of fun (and worth the expense) you’ll want to invest at least a little extra time in planning. Opinions on how to best plan for family trips are all over the web so below, you’ll find bad advice vacationing families should ignore…


travel kids
Even if they’re good travelers, it’s good to pack distractions (small toys, snacks, etc).

Just go!

Some people will tell you not to even think about it, just book your flight, get on a plane, and get going. While the spontaneity be exciting, it can also be pretty dangerous when you’re traveling as a family unit. The last thing you want is to forget something important, and you often need to travel with a lot more when you have kids…A LOT MORE. Making sure you have plenty of time to prepare for your vacation is key. Booking last minute, no matter how good the deal, often isn’t great advice for families. 

Sure, Your Hotel Has That!

No, this isn’t about your forgotten toothbrush. – Although many places abroad will make an effort to keep you safe, different countries have different rules and regulations when it comes to safety.  Some countries don’t have the same fire safety laws as the UK, US and other places, and this can be extremely dangerous if you’re staying in a hotel, for example. Make sure you do your own research so you can decide what precautions you need to take before you travel. 

a man and woman sitting at a table with a child
Not even free hotel breakfast can save a bad family vacation.

Have The Time Of Your Life Together!

Spending every minute of a family vacation together can actually grate on you after a few days – especially if work and school usually means you don’t spend all that much time together normally. Of course you should make the most of this time together and plan some amazing activities, but there’s nothing wrong with planning time apart, either. There may be a trustworthy daycare area at your hotel or resort where you can drop young kids while you go to explore for an hour or two. You brought your kid to Vegas?! There, for example, you might even try out vip passes to Marquee if you want to let your hair down for a little while before becoming parents again. Teenagers will definitely jump at the chance of doing their own thing – but ensure they know how to stay safe and always take safety precautions so you know where they are! 

Any Hotel is Fine as Long as They Allow Kids

Not all hotels and resorts are child-friendly, so finding one that is should be job #1. However, you need to go deeper into your research than this. Who wants to wake up to a cockroach or bedbug crawling across their pillow at 2am? If you don’t do a little research into your accommodation, then you might be surprised at how bad it really is. Reading third party reviews and asking for recommendations from friends and family will give you an idea of where to start your search for the perfect family accommodation. 


Have you been given any bad advice?

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