Airline: Air Canada
Aircraft: A330-300
Seat maps:  Air CanadaSeatGuru
Our Seat(s): 13A
Class: Air Canada Business Class

Seat(s): You might recognize the style of seat from your trip aboard a Delta 777-200, but there are a few noticeable differences. (Notice Air Canada doesnt spring for the leather?) You’ll get good stretch space for your legs here but moreso (we’re told) in the center seats. There, you’ll get as much as 5″ more room when in fully-flat mode. Here in our Air Canada Business Class seat 1a,the standard amount is just fine.

Air Canada Business Class Suite.

Partially walled-off by a closet, 13A in Air Canada Business Class aboard this A330-300 is one of the most fort-like seats on the plane.

In sleep-mode the bed fine for long trans-oceanic or cross-country flights if you’re not one to toss and turn. Seat width is just average at just over 20″ so it might feel a little confining to the craziest of sleepers.

Upright, you’ve got decent legroom and in these row 13 seats a little more counter space thanks to the attached closet that separates you from the aisle and the economy bulkhead rows behind you.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment:  Everything tech seems a bit dated on this older plane but all the very basics are here. You’ve got AC power and USB ports and a pull out personal TV that’s got a fair but not extraordinary selection of movies, tv and audio. The real stinker here are the permanently wired-in headphones that worked but performed miserably on our trip. There is a port for your own headphones so you might want to bring your own.

Air Canada Business Class (Domestic) meal

Just the meat & potatos, please. A few cucumber slices and half a cherry tomato was our veggie intake in this Air Canada Business Class seat aboard the A330-300.

Food:This hop from Montreal to Toronto got us a simple domestic first-class meal of sliced beef and potato salad but your international experience will likely be a little more more extravagant. Air Canda Business Class features selections by “Celebrated Canadian Chef” David Hawksworth.

Service: The crew on this flight appeared to be a little confused and maybe a little impatient with my hurried effort to get as many pictures of this seat as I could on the short hop. Otherwise, flight attendants were helpful and friendly while doing their best to get a meal service squeezed into this short haul.

Rating: 6.5
 hops (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: Montreal (YUL) – Toronto (YYZ)

How we got em’: This was a basic one-way Aeroplan Air Canada Business Class redemption.

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