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On October 27, 2014
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Lounge: Delta Sky Club
Newark (EWR)B Gates/Delta Sattellite
Seats at EWR Sky Club

Not the most comfortable seats but if you’re in the ones not facing away from the window you might get a good view…if the person facing you isn’t in your way.

Seating: The open space gives way to a few nooks and crannies where you can hide away if you’re not into knocking elbows with strangers. Mostly though, seats are crammed into groups and rows in the central part of this Delta Crown Room throwback.

Seats are fairly comfortable although some more than others inside this Delta SkyClub. Lesser-cushioned chairs with wooden armrests are in the best shape to take in the views of planes outside, distant New York City and vintage industrial New Jersey (that’s the nicest way we can put it) in between.  More comfortable seating lines the walls and sectioned into groups throughout the space. Cafe seating is arranged close to the bar and snack buffet.

Workspaces: A tall work-bar  is set up with power  for the laptoppers on the go. If you need more space, slide into a classic semi-private workstation in a sectioned area of the lounge’s center. These larger, more secluded workstations have more room to spread out and dedicated power outlets.

Wi-Fi/Connectivity/Power: Wi-Fi is free at all Delta Sky Clubs. No signal problems or difficulty setting up on our visit.

Snacks at EWR Sky Club

If you dip it all in ranch dressing it’s no longer healthy…so that’s what I did. Snacks at EWR Delta Sky Club.

Service/Food & Drink: Front desk service was cordial but nothing extraordinary. Cleanup and service staff were about average keeping the lounge picked up and snack items stocked.

Convenience to gate: Located airside (past security) halfway between the main terminal and the Delta satellite it will be just steps to your gate (provided You’re flung on Delta).

Rating: 3 hops (of 5)

How we got in & Options: We entered using a full year-long membership purchased with points from Delta’s SkyBonus business plan. Single visit, per person passes or Delta American Express reduced entry fees may be a better value than using miles or money for a full membership. No current paid SkyClub membership option (including our own methods) comes with an endorsement of any kind from Modhop.

Here’s our earlier review of this lounge from late 2010:

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