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American Admirals Club JFK at C Gates | Video

Jake Redman December 7, 2015

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Lounge: American Admirals Club
 New York JFK Terminal 8 – C Gates

Seating: This American Admirals Club could be configured worse for seating. We were happy to find central areas of seating that keep some open space available to move around. In most spots you’ll be able to find a seat that’s got some separation from neighbors. Console separated chairs are your best bet if you’ve got issues with strangers in your personal space.

Seating that surrounds an open space at this American Admirals Club at JFK.
It might make it harder to find a spot to sit when the lounge is busy, but some open spaces make it easier to move around and give this American Admirals Club a more spacious feel.

Food/Drink: Our breakfast-time options were pretty limited on this visit. It seems we can’t be trusted with a full sized bagel so tiny ones were offered alongside equally small pastries. We also found some soggy fruit salad and typical cereal and snack dispensers but the major fail here was…NO COFFEE!??!  9am found the house blend caraffe dry and the auto-espresso machine out of service. Just wrong.

There’s a fairly well stocked bar and food for purchase, so if you’re ready to pony up a few bucks on top of your membership or premium cabin fare, you might have a chance at walking out full…and maybe drunk.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Wi-Fi was a bright spot here. Speed tests were very positive and the connection worked well for all functions we tried from normal business surfing to streaming video.

Service: The front desk crew at this American Admirals Club was outstanding. Their welcome was genuine and warm while offering a description of the lounge and helping with reservations.


American Admirals Club Food - Yogurt
We skipped the mini-bagels and trail mix and grabbed a tiny yogurt for breakfast.

Showers: We took care of this at home so we didn’t get a look inside, but there ARE showers available inside this American Admirals Club.

Summary: It might be frustrating trying to find a good place to sit when it gets crowded inside this JFK American Admirals Club but when the crowds are lighter, we prefer the wide open central seating areas. The free food situation was pretty lousy this time and there’s just no excuse for not having a constant flow of morning coffee but we made off with a fun-size yogurt and a full-sized piece of fruit. If you ate before your visit and the lounge isn’t too busy, the inviting staff and comfy seating make this a decent pre-flight stop.

Rating: 7.3 of 10

How to get in:  Our way in was a one-time invitation given to us by One World partner TAM Airlines with our business class ticket. American Admirals Club memberships are available to anyone for purchase or provided with the airlines most premium credit cards. One-time visits can also be purchased for $50 at time of this review.

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