Lounge: American Airlines First Class Flagship Lounge
 Los Angeles (LAX), USA

Seating: If you’re flying solo and at least a bit anti-social, you’d probably prefer a little more room between seats. The space between rows isn’t bad though, giving the lounge a more open feel than a stuffed business class or domestic lounge.

Many of the seats here are tall-backed leather loungers alongside a few more typical lounge chairs. A small section of seating offers relaxation sound stations complete with Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

For the express eater, there’s cafe seating close to the buffet…

Food/Drink: Yes, we said buffet. The American Airlines First Class Flagship Lounge here at LAX and it’s other locations come with complimentary hot meal options so  you can skip the overpriced terminal market sandwich. It’s not what we’d call a robust buffet but combined with the elevated level of snacking available here, you should be set until the first in-flight meal (if there is one).

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Reasonably speedy, complimentary wi-fi is offered throughout the lounge.

Service: You’ll need to get past the outer ring of agents before getting to the special first class counter inside this American Airlines First Class Flagship Lounge. Once inside we were showered with warm greetings and information about what to expect. This was a friendly bunch from start to finish.

Showers: Shower rooms here aren’t huge but do the trick. We didn’t get a pic, but Rocky at DoubleWides Fly got some shots inside.

Summary: This trip had us inside first class lounges around the globe so it’s probably not fortunate for American that this was the last one on the list. We like the big windows, big seats and smiley home-grown service but were left longing for a little extra space between seats and at least a few more hot food options.

Rating: 3 hops of 5.

How to get in:  You’ll have to be flying aboard or connecting to a qualifying flight to access this American Airlines First Class Flagship Lounge. See American’s website for how you’ll need to be flying to get in.

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