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Being Back at the Alaska Lounge at LAX Made me Smile.

Jake Redman July 13, 2017 1

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R0010120_20170623112211360° view of the Alaska Lounge at LAX. (2 360° images of this lounge are on our flickr.)

Dont Touch Anything!

This Alaska Lounge at LAX (then called the Alaska Airlines Boardroom) felt dated when we were last here in 2012 and not much has changed. Seats come in variety of styles from heavy patio-style chairs to deep leather loungers. Comfort-wise this is your dad’s lounge…if your dad is a shoot a moose from a helicopter type. Pull up to a table along the window with a hearty bowl of soup or grab a muffin and fall into a broken-in armchair to power-nap with your mouth wide open. (Dad!!)

LAX Alaska Lounge Breakfast.
An early flight from the east coast meant I got my 3rd carb-rich breakfast from this Alaska Lounge at LAX.
a close up of a sign
Buy a pass to this lounge.

Decent Domestic Spread with PANCAKES!

I’ll never stop being impressed with the fact that every Alaska Lounge has a pancake machine. Childhood memories of various hometown pancake breakfasts fill my head as the warm, buttery discs of dough make their way through. Yum.

The rest of this breakfast time spread was simply “okay”. We found yogurt, oatmeal and pastries alongside a slightly more impressive selection of fruit.

Wi-fi Didn’t Totally Suck.

User reviews we’ve seen had bashed the wi-fi performance here in years past but unhappy internetting wasn’t a problem on my visit. Although not lightning-fast, basic functions on both a laptop and phone were performed with ease. I was able to stream even the longest of modhop videos without buffer.

Want to get work done? There are small kiosks at the back of the lounge to plug-in and chug away on spreadsheets…or your blog.

Fruit at LAX Alaska Airlines Lounge.
Alaska Airlines want you to eat healthy too. How about bananas on your flapjacks?

Priority Who?

Signs outside may be posted to tell you (as in this case) that membership is restricted to Alaska’s own lounge members and same-day first class passengers when it’s full. I was arriving in first aboard a Virgin America flight so I was allowed to enter this time.

Normally, Priority Pass members have access but were turned away until the lounge began to clear out. Personally, I like this. As a Priority Pass member I’m fine with being turned away from a packed lounge. I’d rather know before I go in that it’s a madhouse inside so that I can explore other options.

Smiles on Both Sides of the Counter:

Alaska Lounge staff have been consistently friendly over the course of our many but infrequent visits to various locations. Here, we had a duo at the front desk that appeared to be having a good day despite having to turn away handfuls of disappointed Priority Pass customers. Most of all, I appreciated their smiles.

With little exception our video review of the LAX Alaska Lounge (formerly known as the Alaska Boardroom) from a few years ago holds up. Watch here:


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