Delta Amenities on transcon and international flights get a refreshed linuep of contents soon. Inside your tiny Tumi bags you’ll find Kiehl’s apothecary goodies, replacing Malin + Goetz mini amenities that were part of the previous lineup. It’s long overdue, but here’s our unBOX of THAT version of the kit along with our unBOX of Delta One pajamas offered on select routes.

Listen beyond the cheesy corporate-techno soundtrack to hear my kid screaming and dishes being done. #audiobonus

The Softer Side:

Ours is a soft-side version of the now older kit. Regardless, the contents are nearly the same save the upcoming replacement of Malin + Goetz with Kiehl’s amenities. Hard-case versions of the kit are offered on US outbound flights and are likely better for re-use.

Delta Amenities - Soft side kit.

On select transcon and flights inbound to the US, you’ll get the soft-side Tumi Kit filled with Delta Amenities.

Eyes on a big Face:

The provided eye mask covers a good amount of face real estate. If the flimsy straps can hold it in place, there’s enough material here to keep much of the cabin light out.

Ultra-White Bright:

Your dental kit used to be one of the more complete that we’ve seen. Despite the loss off floss and the smallish toothbrush, we’re still fans of the small but not micro-size tube of name brand toothpaste. Fresh breath counts if the seating configuration puts you next to someone else.

This kit is Brought to you by:

Tumi, Crest, Kiehls (formerly Malin + Goetz). More than the other US based carriers, name brands fill out the Delta Amenities lineup. We’re fans of partnerships like these that give us names we know and trust.

Delta Amenities

Delta Amenities now include Kiehls goods in Tumi branded bags. [Photo: Delta]

Jammies?! Only for the ULTRA Long-Haul.

On ultra long-haul routes like all those from the US to China, you’re offered Delta One branded sleepwear for extra in-flight comfort. Delta sent us both “s/m” and “x/xl” sizes and I was both surprised that I fit into the smaller one…barely. The 2 piece unisex sleepwear is lightweight and comfortable even beating out some of the first class PJs of other airlines (not you Cathay Pacific, you’re safe).

Delta One Pajamas

Look out Penney’s Catalog nerdy dad section. Jake Redman in Delta One Pajamas offered on longer international flights.


Way too Late.

Delta sent us an earlier kit awhile back that we unBOXed but the review didn’t make it off the cutting room floor. I kept it unpublished mainly because my reading glasses are crooked and I look a little insane…but I’m over it. Enjoy the hilarity.

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