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Jake Redman February 16, 2012 2

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Review of: Hotel Palomar
Washington DC

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On February 16, 2012
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Hotel Name: Hotel Palomar
iconLocation: Washington, DC

Hotel Palomar Washington DC
Luxurious wash basin at Hotel Palomar DC.

The Room(s): Everything here is pretty soft. That may be a problem if you’re not the type who likes the idea of “sleeping on a cloud”… (not an actual cloud, that would suck). Aside from that, this is a pretty nice room. The cozy king-sized bed adds to a good nights sleep after a dip in the “fuji soaking tub for two”. The room is suitable for romantic weekends or just giving yourself a little extra room to spread out during your touristy trek to the nations capital.

There are a few function related problems here though. Watching TV from bed or the living area is a little bit of a chore as the TV faces toward the hallway. The swivel base helps but is still a bit awkward. Also the mini-bar is oddly placed next to the bed. Makes it difficult to quietly grab a brewski while the wife is sleeping. Neither are problems that don’t have solutions of minimum ninja-level skill, but are a nuisance.

Service: Valet had a difficult time keeping up with incoming guests, but from there it was smooth sailing. Front desk staff was helpful and knew the area well when it came to asking directions. Room service and housekeeping were tip-worthy on this visit as well.

Perks:  Aveda amenities, large washroom with deep soaking tub, animal print bathrobes.

Location: Close to the shops, food and nightlife of Dupont Circle and very near the Dupont Metro stop. Easy transportation to Union Station and National Airport (DCA).

Overall:If this were an apartment in New York City it would rent for well over 2k as a studio, I’m sure. That it’s 570 square feet usually means a landlord could throw up a couple of walls and call it a 2 bedroom. The fact that it’s in a hip neighborhood along with the extra walls would put the monthlies well above my reach. Thankfully it’s a Washington DC hotel that I found for a steal. Great space, comfortable furnishings and good amenities for an urban hotel.

Rating: 4 Hops (out of 5)

The Deal-How I got it: The website has an occasional great find. This was one of them. I was able to grab the entire weekend for under a few hundred small bills for this nice sized room in a great area. Carefully choosing the right deals through flash sale sites is a reasonable getaway strategy. Find if your dates are available at Hotel Palomar here (support modhop):  Orbitz – Hotel Palomar.

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  1. Libby Croteau via Facebook on February 17, 2012

    This is my neighborhood of choice when I’m in DC, so thanks for this review. I’ll give it a try next time.

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