Review of: Delta Sky Club
Minneapolis/St. Paul Concourse C

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On February 13, 2012
Last modified:February 13, 2012


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Airline/Club Name: Delta Sky Club
Location: MSP (Minneapolis / St. Paul)
Terminal/Concourse:  Terminal 1 (Lindburgh)/ “C” Concourse


Seating at Delta C Concourse Sky Club - MSP

Firm or squishy. There’s a seat for you at this MSP Delta Sky Club

Notes: I personally prefer this room to the alternate (remodeled) Sky Club adjacent the G/F concourses. While still large, it feels cozier and more exclusive. This was a morning visit so I was greeted with the standard Delta Sky Club bagel and mini-muffin buffet. Food isn’t a typical perk of US domestic lounges, so it’s no surprise I walked out hungry. The unattended self-serve bar means the lounge is 21+. A bar reasonably well stocked with some mid-and-top shelf booze for self mixing. There’s a good mix of seating here with deep lounge chairs arranged with a few more upright chairs mixed in, all comfortable.

Wi-Fi: Yes/Free

Service: Friendly greeting, quick check-in.  Lounge attendants kept snacks (what there were of them) stocked and everything clean.

Convenience to gate:  This club is best suited for A/B/C concourses and maybe even a few of the higher-numbered G Concourse gates. It’s a quick tram ride and about a 5-7 minute average walk to farther gates.

How to get in: Delta has a number of options for entry. One of my favorites is the 30-day membership that allows you and up to 2 guests into Delta Sky Clubs worldwide for $90. This is a great option if you have a glut of Delta flights upcoming and traveling with a spouse or friends. Otherwise the $25 entry fee using your Delta branded American Express option is a good one, but charges are per-person (so it would be $50 for your AND your spouse or buddy).

Rating: 3 hops (of 5)

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