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On December 8, 2008
Last modified:December 8, 2008


Airline: Northwest
Aircraft: 757-300
Seat: 15C
Class: Coach (premium/elite seating)

Update (March 2014): This is now an “Economy Comfort” seat and offers more legroom and a more generous recline.


Notes: 15 C is a very interesting coach seat. In front of this row are 2 exit seats that are slightly shifted leaving small amounts of room on either side allowing those in both this seat and 15A (window seat) to extend one leg forward with little or no obstruction.  Otherwise a pretty normal coach seat.  Normal benefits apply when sitting this far up; Early cabin service and first off the airplane. The proximity to the lavatory doesn’t seem like it would be a problem for either rows 14 or 15 as there is plenty of space in between (although bathroom congregators might be a problem). There is a small seat support that slightly obstructs legroom under the seat but it’s an easy shift.
Summary: Slightly above average. A small shift and you have a little extra legroom but just slightly awkward. Easy on, easy off and quick service is always good.Rating: 3 hops (of 5).How I got it: Delta Medallion Status.  (NWA is now a part of Delta and will eventually be absorbed completely). Also may be available for purchase as a “Coach Choice” seat for a small fee 24 hours before your flight (if available).

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