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Roomate Emma (Hotel) | Barcelona, Spain

Jake Redman January 25, 2011

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Hotel Name: Roommate Emma
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Rating: 3


The Room:
The room size is comparable to that of a typical discount hotel in New York City (think Holiday Inn Express). The layout is a cramped version of typical with the bathroom just as you enter with a small desk-slash-snack and minibar just across from it. The mini-bar was mini-stocked on this visit, but that appears to be the norm here (Better to stop at the grocery store and pick up your own snacks and beer anyway). The bed is what we’ll call “extra firm”. Not quite as hard as I’ve experienced in many hotels in Asia, but pretty tough nonetheless. The view is unspectacular but not offensive. Just a typical Barcelona Street. There’s a web-based radio built into the wall just above the desk area that has access to an intimidatingly large selection of audio. Orlando International Airport Control Tower anyone?<br><br>

Service: The staff smiled day and night. This may have been because the hotel was so new, but we appreciated the kindness no matter the reason. The first impression helped…While we weren’t able to check-in upon our early arrival at 9am, they worked hard to get us into the first available room. We were in our room to sleep off the jet lag by 11am…Good enough.

Perks: The breakfast buffet. We ate here every morning. Great meats, cheeses, pastries. It’s not for the waffle & eggs crowd but we certainly enjoyed it. Extras are few at this hotel. The best perk is it’s that it’s very near Barcelona’s Metro giving you easy access to the city.

Location: It’s just a little north and west of Plaza de Catalunya (about 2 short metro stops). Tucked away from the noisier streets but close to some great neighborhood shops and restaurants, You’ll never be far from something to fill your time.

Lobby: Funky and hip with purples, whites and blues everywhere. Screams young traveler the moment you walk in. (Not literally).

Overall: It could be mistaken for one of those new mod hostels I’ve heard so much about, but the price tag and better rooms would indicate it’s more for the hipster traveling salesman or perhaps a group touring every IKEA in Western Europe. It’s a good hotel for those traveling on a budget. You’ll sacrifice luxury for kitsch and a tough bed, but after a good day in Barcelona you’ll probably sleep on anything.

Rating: 3 Hops (out of 5)

The Deal-How I got it: While relying on TripAdvisor less and less these days, I noticed this hotel getting good user reviews and found introductory rates at the hotel’s own website. On recent searches we found equally good deals at Orbitz here: Roommate Emma

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