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Jake Redman November 7, 2011 9

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Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)

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On November 7, 2011
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Airline/Club Name: Servisair Menzies 41 (Independent)
Location: AMS – Amsterdam Schiphol
Terminal/Concourse: Departure Lounge 3 – Airside



Notes: Judging by the hordes of people pouring in and out of busy airline-specific lounges down the hall, I felt pretty good about my chances at this independently run club. Such gut feelings aren’t always right, but this time I was right on. I practically had full run of the place with the exception of a few early business travelers all tucked away in quiet corners. This gave me a chance to move around and really kick the tires on the joint, sitting in just about every type of chair and sampling a good number of snacks with a lesser-than-gluttonous hangover of carb excess.

Servisair Menzies Lounge Bar AMS
Be careful. Things could get a little crazy in here. Self-Serve at AMS Servisair Menzies Lounge

Most everything seems less than a few years old here. The wear and tear seems light on this lounge giving it a fresh, welcoming feel. The cafe furniture felt a little wobbly but the deep leather chairs were almost too comfortable. (Set an alarm for your flight, just in case!) There were plenty of snacks set out and well stocked. No real “meal” items were to be seen, but then that might be expecting a bit much. Along with a pretty decent selection at the self-serve bar the food and drink here are just above average, I’d say.

Wi-Fi: Yes/Complimentary for 60 minutes throughout Schiphol.

Service: If you’re planning on napping horizontally in the lounge, forget about it. While very sweet checking people in at the desk, I saw the lounge agent scold a customer for using a couch as a bed. Whether this is good or bad service depends on what you define a lounge to be. Clean up and re-stocking of food-stuffs was prompt and the lounge was spotless.

Convenience to gate: This is a centrally located lounge. The airports website has a map feature with maps indicating how long a walk it is to different gates or airport landmarks.

How I got in/Strategies: Priority Pass. If you’re not particularly loyal to a specific airline or don’t travel enough to use airport club rooms, I highly recommend joining. Per-visit passes are also available for this and tons of other lounges at GoSimply.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

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  1. William Bruce Evans on October 10, 2012

    I left a new Phillips shaver in a black soft cover in your lounge 41 yesterday at about 3pm. Has it been recovered and do you have it?

    • Jake Redman on October 10, 2012

      Hi William. This is a website that reviews airport lounges and not the actual lounge itself. Sorry, we don’t have any contact information but wish you the best in finding your shaver.


  2. dalton on April 30, 2013

    hello nice vid.i am flying throw ams and im flying from t2 and i thing the gate will be E something will i be able to access the lounge from terminal 2 if you some one could get back to me that will be great:))

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