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Video | Austrian Airlines Business Class – Dash 8 or Q400

Jake Redman July 29, 2013

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On July 29, 2013
Last modified:July 29, 2013


Airline: Austrian Airlines
Aircraft: Bombardier Q400 (Dash 8)
Seat Info:Row 1 / Row 2 –  Seats 1A, 1C, 2C, 2D, 2F
Class: Business Class


Seat(s): Typical for intra-Europe business class aboard a Eurozone carrier, these business class seats are simply economy seats with the guarantee of no neighbor. In some cases you might get a little extra legroom, but in the Austrian Airlines Business Class Cabin aboard a Bombardier Q400 (also known as the Dash 8) you’ll only get the extra stretch in a few seats. As I point out in the video the best in class goes to 1C, where your legs can stretch fully without contact with the bulkhead wall. Bulkhead seats 1A, 2D and 2F all come with extra knee space thanks to the bulkhead wall but limit how far you can get your feet in front of you. 2D-F might get you an extra inch thanks to the exit door.

The window seat daydreamer might like that there are unobstructed views of the tops of cloud, the ground or both thanks to the wings being mounted at the top of the fuselage. It’s not much but more entertaining than Austrian’s in-flight magazine or counting rivets.

These simple cloth-covered seats come with zero extras. No adjustable headrests, no entertainment, no footrest. Just…no.

Tech/Connectivity:  no.

Food: Food was nicely presented. While a beef patty on a pile of what appears to be cole-slaw wasn’t what I would have ordered from any menu ever, improvising with the dinner roll to make a US style hamburger made it a satisfying meal for my meat & potatoes loving palate. We’re always happy to find meal service aboard a quick hop like the ones this Q400 typically runs.

Service: While one flight attendant tends exclusively to the needs of business class, both help with the much larger economy cabin. On regional jets this seems to work fine and keeps business class cabin passengers happy with their upgrade and the masses filled with savory snacks and soda.

Summary: As a business class product, you might want at least a little more legroom outside of that provided in the normal bulkhead and exit positions. You won’t find this extra space aboard Austrian’s Q400 but if a decent meal and smiley service are important to you, Austrian has it covered.

Rating(s): Of 5 possible “hops”:
Seat 1A (half bulkhead wall): 3 hops
Seat 1C (no bulkhead wall extended legroom): 4 hops
Seat 2D (bulkhead/exit aisle): 3 hops
Seat 2F (bulkhead/exit window): 3 hops
Seat 2C (typical business seat): 3 hops
Cabin overall: 3 hops

How to get em’: Austrian Airlines offers space-available upgrades at check-in. You can also book these seats as part of a larger award itinerary aboard Austrian or within the Star Alliance network.

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Jake Redman

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