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Train: italo by NTV
Class: italo Club (First)

Espresso and biscotti in italo club.
What’s in the cup will make you feel like this bullet train is going slow. – Welcome espresso in italo Club.

The Seat: The Poltrona Frau leather seats in this italo Club car is welcoming and sporty. At speeds close to 200 mph, the high-end sports car feel is just right too as you zoom past scenic Italian countryside.  They’re comfortable too, of course:  First class width, good knee space and legroom combine for a roomy ride. Only in the sets of seats facing each other will you have to shift yourself around the legs of opposite passengers (and you won’t have a footrest here). Elbow room is about average for a top class seat thanks to the center console on the side of the train with two seats.

Your comfort is further enhanced by a generous recline.

Private “Salotto” seating is also available in this car. These are 2 areas separated from the open seating area of  italo Club with groups of 4 seats in each.

Tech/Connectivity: Power ports are smartly placed in the back of the center console of the seat in front of you or your in the center table of opposite facing seats. Wi-fi is complimentary and reliable but to activate the service you’ll need to have text messaging that works within Italy.

Speed display showing 300 kilometers per hour - italo train.
300 km/h = 186.41mph = You’ll be there in no time. – .italo High Speed Trains in Italy.

Food/Drink: Complimentary espresso, coffee, drinks and snacks are delivered to your seat. More robust snacking is possible as a paid option using the vending area in the italo Smart section of the train or by ordering from the on-board menu featuring selections from Eataly.

Service: Having the entire cabin to ourselves didn’t hurt, but the dedicated italo Club service was outstanding. The very attentive attendant was sure to check-in with us regularly and showed up at all the right times with coffee, snacks and whenever there was a question about wi-fi or food. Things may slow down on a busier day, but you’re likely to get a highly personalized class of service in any case.

Summary: Sleek leather seats that provide comfort and connectivity at this level are rare and certainly not something you’ll find in the skies. At this speed, train travel inside italy is easily the sexier option and in many cases, much easier than flying.  In our brief look into the other classes aboard this train, italo Primia (business class) and italo Smart (economy) both look like upgrades from what you’ll find aboard state-run Trenitalia.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

How to get em’: Book ahead and pre-order Eataly meal selections at or buy your ticket using the kiosks placed throughout each station or within the Casa Italo area.

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