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US Airways Airbus A319 – (Exit) Seats 10A / 10F

Jake Redman August 20, 2012 3

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Airbus A319

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On August 20, 2012
Last modified:August 20, 2012


Airline: US Airways
Aircraft: Airbus 319 (A319)
Row:  10   Seat: A or F
Class: Economy (Exit – Premium)


US Airways A319 - Exit Seat 10A Legroom
In economy, it doesn’t get any legroom-ier. Exit “Choice Seat” 10A aboard this US Airways A319.
The Seat:  While it’s not at the very front of the cabin, this qualifies as one of US Airways “Choice Seats” as it’s one of few with added legroom. This is no small amount of space to stretch, but an extra row’s worth. The “A” (or “F”) seat in row 9 is absent to provide room to access the exit door in case of an emergency so you’ve got what I like to call an “economy suite”. The only drawback here might that you’ll either have to store your smaller carry-on bags overhead or underneath the seat WAY in front of you for take-off and landing. This is a very good economy seat.

Food: The menu aboard longer domestic flights offers up a small variety of options more substantial than tiny bags of pretzels. I went with a chicken salad that was fresh and reasonably flavorful. Not unlike most chicken salads (a very common option) in most US domestic first class cabins.

Service: Maybe it’s plain luck, but this flight continued a string of good service aboard US Airways flights. Flight attendants were helpful and had a pleasant attitude. What I could have done without was the no-less-than 4 minute (No, I’m not being dramatic) US Airways credit card pitch. 30 seconds would have been fine and far more persuasive…4 minutes became noise and made me want to find a magic ladder to the ground so that I could find a Delta Amex application, fill it out and climb back up to finish the flight. C’mon.

Summary: In economy, 10 A or F is where to sit on this plane. The legroom and the added space provided by the missing seat in front of you will ease your claustrophobia by an extra 30-something inches. Friendly service and a bite to eat should make your experience even better, but pack your earplugs if you’d like to avoid the credit card infomercial.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

Strategy: Upgrades to “Choice Seats” are available for purchase and can include aisle or window seats toward the front of economy and can include exit row seats with extra legroom like these.

[Disclaimer: This flight was provided to me by US Airways to attend their annual media day. The upgrade to this “Choice Seat”, however was paid for by modhop. No guarantee of a positive review is given to airlines, lounges or hotels that provide complimentary services.]
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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

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  1. Keith Inouye via Facebook on August 20, 2012

    Great writing/editing, I laughed when you mentioned the poor fella’ trying to recline his seat.

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