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Wait. How do I Business Travel Again?

Jake Redman March 17, 2021

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We understand that it’s likely been awhile and that travel has changed a bit,  so it’s good to remember that a well prepared business trip takes a lot of planning. It all starts (obviously) with the dates. Then come flights, transfers and accommodation. To ensure you have good transfers, check out charter bus rental. Flights and accommodation? You’re here, so that’s a good start but our favorite booking tool for ease-of-use remains Google travel.

Planning on business travel
Next it is important to look at what to pack and what to get in order.

We find that for a business trip, perhaps even more than a regular vacation, it is important to pack smart. After all, you won’t want to find out just before a crucial meeting that you forgot something important at home. Also, you’d prefer not to make your trip more stressful with equipment you don’t need or get stuck without suitable clothes for a conference.

So how do you pack properly for a business trip?

The best way to make sure you don’t forget or leave anything behind is to make a neat list of all the things you will need for the flight and travel, a checklist that you will go through before leaving home. Solutions like Google’s Keep Notes (iphone, android) let you create your own “checkable” lists for any type of trip (business, family vacation,  etc).  You can modify your list as you get closer to your trip as your needs change, but it’s good to have a list of basics.

Checklist Starter Kit

The organization and order of things is ultra-valuable before a business trip and can prevent unpleasantness as well as shorten times along the way. Here’s a starter kit that you can add to as you plan…

  • Passport (remember to keep a passport photo in another bag).
  • Mask (pack extras!)
  • Flight ticket (we still like having a printout)
  • Driver’s license or ID.
  • Vouchers for hotel or additional services you booked in advance 
  • Money: Credit card and local cash.
  • Chargers (we own several from the time before we made checklists).

Get The Bag

Even before choosing what to pack, you should buy a quality suitcase, that has good internal division to help you pack and keep your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible (we hate ironing at hotels). It is important to mark the suitcase with a name tag, so that you can easily identify it at baggage claim or in case they need to contact you in case of delay or delay in arrival. As for your carry-on, it is better to have a bag with quality wheels that will roll smooth and save you from carrying extra weight. It’ll also make you look like the pro that you are.

We find that it helps to make clothing adjustments before the packaging itself – plan in advance which shirt is suitable for which pants, belt and socks etc. (See the helpful video below) Of course, it helps to pack just the right clothes for the length of stay and the type of meetings that await you. It’s best to take clothes that you are used to and feel comfortable in for any

Baggage allowed

It’s also important to check the size and weight of baggage allowed. This differs by seat class, airline status and even what credit card you used to book the flight. Check with your airline to know what you’ll pay in baggage fees (if any) in advance.

As we tip-toe back into business travel. What advice to YOU have for newbies? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s a helpful video to help you pack efficiently…

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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