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YouTube | Tampa Airport Marriott

Jake Redman June 13, 2014

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On June 13, 2014
Last modified:June 13, 2014


You hate shuttle buses. So do we. That’s why with no more than a quick monorail ride and a couple of turns, we’re happy to be in our hotel room at the Tampa Airport Marriott. Sure, the quick jump from plane to room would be better appreciated in a climate much cooler than sun-baked Tampa, FL but if it keeps us out of hair-fritzing humidity, we’re fine with that too.

Bed and pillows.
King bed with big pillows. Sleeping is easy by the airport.

The Room: There’s impressive square footage for a standard room here. In rooms with a king sized bed you’ve got a big, double lounger that fits in the far corner. Combined with the bed and fairly small furniture you’ve got plenty of room for easy late night navigation to the washroom…or maybe some light aerobics.

The bed is big and comfortable with soft linens and oversized pillows. Being AT the airport we thought that a comfortable bed might not be enough to get us into a good night’s sleep, but with a little help from the thick windows, sleep was easy.

Washroom: It’s certainly not gigantic but is clean and had been recently remodeled (as had the entire room). Counterspace isn’t great and there’s no tub, but for a quick night or two at the airport, we were just fine.

Room Service
I have vague memories of this being not too bad. Fish? Room service at Tampa Airport Marriott.

Amenities: Thrown in with the basics (shampoo, conditioner, plain soap) was a triangular bar of Thann brand orange and tangarine scented rice bran oil soap. We only count it as an “extra” because it smells great.

Service: It was on or near a national holiday so the front desk handed us complimentary in-room wi-fi. The fast connection, not the 2003 version (see “Wi-Fi/Connectivity”). Staff was accommodating and much happier than I’m used to in New York…must be all the sunshine.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: You get to choose between 2 speeds, both at a cost. On our visit, a”High Speed” (translation: slow speed)  connection went for $9.95 a day and $14.95 for “Enhanced High Speed” (translation: High Speed).

Overall:  If you’re coming in late or leaving early the next morning on a flight from Tampa then the Tampa Airport Marriott is an easy choice. The service, cleanliness and nice-sized guest rooms make this a very reasonable transit hotel.

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

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