Fire up your Tweet handler. Saturday (12/1/2012) we’re aboard a shiny, new United 787 Dreamliner. Yes, there are pictures a-plenty across the web and some have already shown you how far the wings bend, but we’ll be geeking out modhop-style. To follow our pics and comments follow us:

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This event has ended. See our review and CloseUP of the United Dreamliner:

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United 787 Dreamliner CloseUP:

United 787 Dreamliner Wings

It looks like the wings should flap like a bird. United 787 Dreamliner. [Photo: United Airlines]

What we’re excited about:Okay, yeah we’re excited to see the bendy wings. Other than that we’re amp’ed to play with the new, larger and shade-less, auto-dimming windows, breathe easier thanks to the advanced air filtration system and relax to the seemingly over-hyped mood lighting. Did I mention the wings bend?

What we’re not excited about: We’re on the fence and have been for years about 3-3-3 seating aboard large planes like this one. If the middle seat is open then we love it. If the flight is packed (and when ISN”T it these days?), we like being on a window side of a 2-4-2 when traveling as a pair or being able to nap on an empty row (remember those?) of center seats.

What we’re skeptical about: Even if we walk off happy as a clam, we’ll still have raised eyebrows about the service. Drawing from recent experiences aboard United we’ll just assume that the flight crew was just extra happy to have a new office to work in if the service happens to be extraordinary.  We’ll see what happens on our A319 flight back to New York (err..Newark) later on.

We’d love to hear your comments particularly if you’ve already had a chance to fly the Dreamliner. Let us know what you like or hate about it and what else, if anything, we can expect!

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