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Video | Tiger Airways – Airbus A320 "Extra Legroom" Exit Seat 13C

Jake Redman November 28, 2012 2

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Review of: Tiger Airways
Airbus A320

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On November 28, 2012
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It’s hard to complain when there’s lots of legroom to be had. But the benefit of this paid “upgrade”  is lost when served up with zero recline,  zero lumbar support.

Airline: Tiger Airways
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Row:  13   Seat: C
Class: “Extra Legroom” (Economy Exit) Seat 13C

Exit Row
It appears I’m the only taker. I now know why. “Extra Legroom” Exit Row aboard Tiger Airways A320
The Seat:  Alone this otherwise typical economy seat aboard a Tiger Airways A320 is at a disadvantage. A dip in the lower back portion of the seat seems to dip right where you’d need it most. Add to it that none of these seats in either exit row recline, you’re in for a painful flight. Maybe you can make up for lumbar support with a pillow (not provided) or a balled up coat but the missing recline will still make it tough to settle in. Legroom and perhaps a little extra seat-width are  your only friends here.

Service: The Tiger staff was perfectly courteous. This quick flight demanded an expedited cabin service and the crew handled it with ease. I helped that the captain had the seat-belt sign turned off while we were minutes into the climb.

Entertainment/Productivity: On longer flights, Bring your abacus, graph paper and a good book…or extra batteries. No power, wi-fi or other form of modern entertainment are provided.

Food: You’ll have a few options if you’re into or out of Singapore like we were. The “Tiger Bites” menu offers small hot meals and a variety of snacks on certain flights. Tiger Airways On-Board Menu.

Juice aboard Tiger A320
Mmmm. Pulpy. Beverage Service aboard Tiger A320.

Summary: If it’s JUST legroom you need, then you might want to pay a little more for these “Extra Legroom” seats. On shorter flights you might be better off just cramming into one of Tiger Airways typical tight-fit economy seats. On shorter flights it’s tolerable if you can make do with some discomfort. With food options on-board you don’t HAVE to bring your own, but it won’t hurt to pick something up in the terminal first. For work and play, just come with a fully-charged gadget to keep you (or the kids) entertained.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5)

Strategy:  Seats can be “upgraded” at booking via Tiger’s website. One new benefit that we’d try is the new “Tiger Plus” that gives you lounge access, a dedicated check-in counter and priority boarding that will give you first pick at a normal economy seat (not the seats reviewed here).

Click "more info" to book online!

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  1. Agastya Marakandeya on May 3, 2015

    I don’t know about the upgraded seats but the normal ones are really cramped. I’m of average height at 5’10”. There is barely 1 inch of legroom.

    The seats recline very little. I didn’t measure but it’s very little. Maybe 10 degrees.

    I didn’t quite realize this would be the kind of constriction while booking the cheap seats.

    It’s ok for an hour or so but I swear it’s a punishment on 3-4 hour flights. If you’re on an aisle street you could occasionally stretch one leg into the passage. But woe betide you who is in a window or middle seat.

    Anyway lesson learnt. Only business class now onwards.

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