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This Cathay Dragon A320 Upgrade was Easy and Free | Video

Jake Redman February 22, 2016

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At the time of this review the airline is still known as Dragonair but is transitioning to it’s new name “Cathay Dragon”. For more information about the changes at Cathay’s website.

Airline: Cathay Dragon | fka Dragonair
Aircraft: A320 | Type 2 – All Economy
Seat info:  Cathay Dragon | SeatGuru
Our Seat(s): 22J/K
Class: Economy

Seat(s): The leg-roomiest of seats is probably further back in the exit rows, but our high numbered bulkhead seats aboard this Cathay Dragon A320 gives you a legroom bonus AND let you off the plane faster. The better than average knee space is a nice perk paired with seemingly decent seat width that would only be better if the immovable armrests weren’t eating up extra centimeters.

Cathay Dragon A320 Seating - Row 22
This is as fancy as seats get on this version of the Cathay Dragon A320. Up front in row 22.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment:  No, no and no. No-frills is an understatement when it comes to tech and power. You won’t find wi-fi, a spot to plug in your gear, or anything other than an in-flight magazine to stare at.


Food: When you’ve got no connection to earth, you may as well eat something. Cathay Dragon serves up a choice of hot entrees even on shorter routes, something we haven’t seen in a US economy cabin since the early 90’s…or maybe earlier? Selections weren’t curated by a team of celebrity chefs, so low expectations are a good idea for your hop aboard this Cathay Dragon A320 but we were happy to have something to nibble on enroute. Because you’re at the very front of the plane, it’s likely they won’t be out of your choice.

Cathay Dragon A320 breakfast noodles.
A choice of entrees on a sub 3 hour flight is something you might remember from childhood…or your last Cathay Dragon flight. Breakfast noodles in row 22.

Service: Service was consistent with what we’ve found on long-haul Cathay Pacific flights in economy. Meals were served quickly with smiles and crew were helpful in assisting passengers with carryon space and boarding.

 5.8 hops (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: Hong Kong (HKG) – Siem Reap (REP)

How we got em’: This was part of a larger American Airlines Advantage one-way redemption. The previous segment was in economy aboard Cathay Pacific from Newark (EWR). Seats in this row are reserved for preferred passengers but available at check-in for everyone at no additional charge (Feb. 2016).


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