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Video | Delta Economy Comfort 767-300 (76Z) Seat 14C

Jake Redman January 25, 2015 1

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On January 25, 2015
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: 767-300 (76Z)
Seat maps: DeltaSeatGuru
Seat info: 14C
Class: Economy Comfort

Seat(s): Extra legroom is the draw in this otherwise typical economy seat. It’s slimline design might have you wishing for the weighty loaf seats of (alsmost literally) yesterday.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: We like that

economy comfort delta
Delta’s in-flight entertainment isn’t bad. We were satisfied with the movie and TV selction on this transcon US flight.

power outlets are placed in front of you and not lost somewhere underneath your own seat. The only problem we see with this is if  you’re in the middle seat and have to climb over your neighbors iPhone charger. USB ports are built into your personal TV screen for trickle-charging your phone.

Delta’s in-flight entertainment is on par with other US carriers long-haul aircraft and perhaps a little better. On this transcon US flight we found a good selection of movies and TV programs to choose from.

See our pictures from this flight.

Food: Delta’s “Eats” food-for-purchase menu was offered on our Los Angeles to New York flight so it was a Luvo brand wrap and a coffee chaser for us.

economy comfort delta
Great coffee? If I hadn’t seen so many investigative reports on what’s in airplane water, I’d believe it. Yet I drink it.

Service: Unforgettable? No, but flight attendants dutifully swiped credit cards and delivered food and drinks efficiently.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5) – Rated as a domestic US flight.

Route Flown for this review: Los Angeles (LAX) – New York (JFK)

How we got em’: As a Delta Silver Medallion, I was able to choose this seat for no charge 24 hours before scheduled departure. Economy fare was purchased outright.

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  1. FNT Delta Diamond on January 26, 2015

    Do we actually know if airplane water is still unsafe? I’ve heard that for years, but started drinking the coffee six months ago and haven’t noticeably gotten sick. Might be a good story for any journalist reading this.

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