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On June 16, 2011
Last modified:June 16, 2011


Airline: KLM
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 Combi (74M)
Seat: 9C – Exit Row
Class: KLM Economy Comfort


The Seat: With everyone abuzz about Delta Airlines introduction of their version of  premium economy that’s similar to  KLM Economy Comfort service aboard long-haul flights, I thought it might be a good idea to check out their partner KLM’s version of this slightly “less annoying than coach” offering. What I ended up with was a very normal exit row seat with even more legroom than the others in this section.  In regards to seat width, this is most certainly economy sans comfort as your tray table and personal TV eat up valuable side-body real estate. Keeping yourself entertained is easy with  personal televisions at each seat, but the lack of in-seat power may keep you dependent upon KLM’s selection of movies and a couple of “30 Rock” re-runs that you’ve already seen on other flights.

Service: Eh. Not fantastic. Food was delivered, drinks were served. No one complained.

Notes: I noticed the gentleman in the row behind us had all 3 seats to himself. More than one of us attempted to steal his aisle seat but it turns out that he purchased the entire row. Not something you’re able to do on most airlines (to the best of my knowledge) but a brilliant move if you can.

Summary: Each seat in economy comfort has up to 4 inches of additional legroom, and even more if you can grab 9B, 9C or 11D, 11E. The seats in these rows aren’t the best if you require  extra width, but ideal for stretching out. The normal (non-exit) seats in this elevated economy offer a little of both and provide a good compromise.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5).

Strategy: Seats in economy comfort cost between 60 and 150 EUR. SkyTeam Elite Plus members (Delta Airlines Gold & up)  receive 50% off. Members of the Flying Blue Program receive discounts as follows: Silver – 25%, Gold 50%, Platinum- Complimentary.

How I got it: Purchased after reservation was made at


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