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Olympic Rings Fail in Sochi
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Pregame | Anywhere But Sochi

Jake Redman February 12, 2014

That Olympic circle that didn’t open? We’re going to make our own. Hotel rooms overbooked and sometimes not even built, terrorpaste threats on flights, bobsled-style bathroom escapes. The early word on travel to the Sochi Winter games has been comical or scary, but very real to those having to deal […]

a row of seats with a microphone


Event | Flat-Bed Fest 2013

Jake Redman August 16, 2013

Follow our social as I sample new and new-ish flat-bed seating aboard Lufthansa, Swiss and Air China. Plus a few smaller business class sections and an airport lounge or two. No need to flip through apps or try and remember the hashtag, it’s all here in one place. Pics, vines, […]