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On January 10, 2013
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Sleeping isn’t something you want to wait on after 20+  hours of infrequent, barely restful naps even in the most “comfort”-ing of economy seats. That’s why the Ambassador Transit Hotel exits.

Hotel Name: Ambassador Transit Hotel Terminal 1
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Room Type: Budget


Ambassador Hotel Lobby

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend hotels that use Comic Sans font in their logo.  [Ambassador at SIN]

The Room:  When you walk in expecting nothing,  it’s easier to say “this isn’t so bad”. When you walk in loopy from almost zero sleep for more than 24 hours, a cardboard box and a blanket will do. The latter accurately describes the state I was in after check-in to the Ambassador Transit Hotel at Singapore Changi.

After a very restful few hours of sleep I woke up in a very clean, but small space. The bed provides middle-of-the-road in comfort.  Just a bit harder than your sleep number or comforest adjustable bed at home, but not the ultra-firm concrete feeling slabs found in some hotels this side of the international dateline.

There’s a small desk that gives you just enough space to  mindlessly plug a few numbers into spreadsheets if that’s your thing. Wi-fi is missing though. Only a few weak signals were found  in the lobby. Your  best bet for connectivity is the 24 hour Starbucks at the bottom of the escalator after leaving the hotel’s 3rd floor reception. Entertainment comes in the form of a rather tiny television. In most cases, you’ll just want it as background noise to fall asleep to anyway, right?

Ambassador Hotel - Common Showers

Lots of room for full dramatics while singing in common showers. [Ambassador at SIN]

Service: I’d like to say the front desk staff was welcoming and were all smiles, but I was too tired to remember. Something happened with passports and credit cards but that’s all I remember.

Overall: It’s hard to qualify this as an “upgrade” of any kind, but it’s better than nodding off while upright in a busy gate area before your next flight. It’s also a far less expensive option if you’re looking for restful sleep and don’t want to pay a full night at an airport hotel when you just need a few hours. The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly and though this tiny budget room doesn’t have absolutely everything you need, it’s a few steps to an all night Starbucks and everything else Changi Airport has to offer.

Rating (Room-only): 2 hops of 5

How we got it: Booking early at Ambassador Transit Hotels website. Request the location you want at booking and they will accommodate you at the hotel in your preferred terminal.

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