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On October 28, 2013
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Lounge: Austrian Airlines Business Lounge – Schengen
Where: Vienna (VIE) – Level E2, Departure area “F”

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Relaxation chairs at Vienna Schengen Austrian Business Class Lounge.

Not private at all and underneath florescent lights. Have a nice nap! – “Relaxation” chairs at Austrian Business Lounge Schengen at Vienna Airport.

Seating: You wont find anything “cushy” to sit on inside the Schengen Austrian Airlines Lounge Vienna Int’l (Business Class). The pale blue flytrap-shaped seats that occupy the main area look best suited for traveling smurfs. The lazy u-shape of the seat and backrest don’t have you at your best posture but beats the economy seat you’re about to jam yourself into.

The tall-bar booths seating is one of many more comfortable ways to spend your time here. These and the nearby cafe-style seating is relatively more comfortable and best suited for socializing or families.

For your long layover there are “relaxation” chairs that are in an ergonomically designed, relaxed position great for napping but you’ll want to bring your eyemask to shut out the overhead lighting. These seats are near the back and separated from the rest of the lounge by only by a  glass wall.

Food: Breakfast-time service had a good selection of pastries, but not much more. As we were leaving, hot food was being put out for lunch (a dish that appeared to be made of yellow rice and vegetables). The good variety of snacks and self-serve drinks was appropriate for intra-Europe connectors.

Wine at Schengen Austrian Business Lounge at Vienna

Buffet-style booze and wine. – Austrian Schengen Business Lounge at Vienna Int’l.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: The number of power outlets might be frustrating if the lounge is crowded. The more common areas have fewer places to plug-in, leaving outlets near the stand-up areas as the only other option for your drained phone. Wi-fi was complimentary and worked well for us.

Service: The front desk attendant seemed to be a little frazzled but helped us into one of the two small shower rooms when they were free. Inside staff kept the lounge clean and was sure to greet us as we came through.

Summary: The space is bright and open but breaks off into nicely sectioned areas of different types of seating. While the more common chairs aren’t all that comfortable, the other options are just fine. If you manage to come through at a time that’s less busy it should be a simple task to find a place to get comfortable. With more than reasonable food options before a short hop, you’ll be rested and full on your way out.

Showers: There are 2 small shower rooms in this lounge. Both are very compact but updated and clean. There’s no dedicated shower attendant so front desk staff will let you in upon request.

How to get in: Austrian Business Class or above can enter this lounge including HON Circle and Star Alliance Gold members. Per-person day passes may available for purchase web check-in (35Euro at the time we post this). For current pricing see Austrian’s website.

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