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Video | unBOX Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Amenity Kit

Jake Redman February 8, 2013 4

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The latest Cathay Pacific Premium Economy amenity kit came to be in late 2012. The signature improvement is simply cosmetic but one that improves it’s post-flight life in an earth-friendly, hipster-deco kind of way. These kits are offere


Premium Economy Kit
“Stackable” kit bags will make office hipsters jealous.

Cathay Pacific brings the green.

The Bag is made up of at least 90% plastic bottles. Good to know that the Mr. Pibb bottle I spent the extra 20 seconds to sort 2 years ago is being used for something cool. Even cooler, your cornstarch/cellulose toothbrush is biodegradable, just not instantly (I tried).

Another feature that makes this bag a bit more earth-friendly is that you don’t HAVE to toss it when you’re done. The bag itself is re-usable and “stackable”. Loops and buttons let you turn the bags into hang-able,  wall organizers after you’ve collected a few. With regularly updated designs, you should have a neat conversation piece holding your pens, recipes or lottery tickets.

Okay, it’s pretty. But am I going to sleep on this flight?

The contents may not  be as fun as the bag,  but you’ll have the right tools for sleep. As mentioned in the video, we’re happy to see that Cathay sprung for the sturdier, single-strap eyemask and 3M earplugs. This combo should pair nicely for better sleep.

The signature comfort item is the pair of very basic airline socks which you can slip on without, or over your socks. Either way you save your own footwear from previous passengers coffee and bloody mary spills.

Keep the earth clean and your seatmate happy. The biodegradable toothbrush comes with a very tiny tube of toothpaste. If you think you can ration it properly for the long-haul flight, you’re all set.

Premium Economy Amenities
G.O.D. pimps itself inside the front cover.

Tell me all your thoughts on G.O.D.

Hong Kong based Goods of Desire designed and collaborated with the airline on the kit. Cathay’s website gives a brief history in the press release:

“G.O.D. was founded by Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau in Hong Kong in 1996 and has since expanded into various cities worldwide, showcasing a variety of acclaimed award-winning products.”

There are 8 Goods of Desire stores in Hong Kong.


How do I get it?

Your own Cathay Pacific Premium Economy amenity kit, as you might expect, is awaiting you once you purchase (and sit in) a Premium Economy Seat aboard a Cathay Pacific flight. To see what this special premium cabin looks like aboard one of the airlines Boeing 777-300 aircraft, watch our CloseUP tour.

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Jake Redman

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