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Video | Yotel- London Heathrow Terminal 4

Jake Redman October 3, 2011

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Hotel Name: Yotel
Location: London (UK) Heathrow Airport – Terminal 4
Stars: 2


Yotel Heathrow LHR
Bed and desk area as seen from the washroom.

The Room(s): The rooms at Yotel are more like generous walk-in closets than they are rooms. If you’re here, it’s likely that the plan is to shower and take a quick nap before your next flight out of Heathrow. The shower is decent and worked better than expected in removing the many hours of economy class embroidered into my skin. You might want to skip your Lady Gaga makeup routine-  The sink area is very cramped making it difficult to shave or do any useful “prepping”. There’s adequate room for minimal work and internet checking at the super-tiny pull out desk. Wi-fi is complimentary and works great once you get it figured out…It took me awhile. My normal OCD bed-bug check uncovered no critters but let me to a ton of wrappers and miscellaneous garbage underneath the mattress. Putting that out of my mind, I found that the mattress itself wasn’t  uncomfortable to sleep on. Everything was in the right place for pod living..Lighting, climate controls were convenient to the bed and the Television mounted opposite your head if you enjoy falling asleep to late night game shows or sitcom reruns.

Service: Quite good actually. The staff answered each time I called and was helpful in helping to figure out how to make the internet work and where the remote control was.

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Perks: There’s a small 24 hour snack menu if you need a pringles fix. There’s also a full service restaurant/pub just outside the hotel open for breakfast, lunch dinner and drinks, but closes at a reasonable hour.

Location: You can beat it if you’re on a mileage run or just have a long connection. Just one flight down from check-in level, you don’t even leave the terminal.

Lobby: Yeah…There’s no lobby.

Overall: Yotel has definite seedy overtones and really don’t succeed in their lofty goal of feeling like a luxury hotel. In fairness, I’ll say that outside the mattress grossness, the room was clean and even comfortable considering it’s size. It’s an adequate short stay if you want to clean up a bit and get on another flight, but a 24 hour stay might be 20 hours too many.  Although I have little information and haven’t been there myself, it might be good to know that there’s a Hilton right across the street.

Rating: 2 Hops (out of 5)

The Deal-How I got it: Yotel.com – Booked a 24 hour stay entroute back to the US. Prices are steady and make the most sense if you’re just there for a few hours. Yotel books in 4 hour block minimums.

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

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