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On February 13, 2009
Last modified:February 13, 2009


Airline: Delta
Aircraft: 757-200
Seat: 19F
Class: Economy (premium / elite seat)

Notes: Delta has an ever-growing collection of 757 configurations. With at least 4 different seatmaps and more with the addition of NWAs 75’s, picking a seat can be a little confusing. For easier reference, this particular layout is referred to as “version 2” at and can be identified by it’s missing A thru C seats in row 19.

The aisle and middle seats D and E are the best choices for legroom. Seat F (my seat for this trip) is acceptable but the exit door protrudes into the space in front of you so you have to navigate your legs around it to get comfortable. As with any exit row seat it’s important to either dress warm or grab a blanket or two from the flight attendant as it can get cold by the door. There’s a lavatory directly in front of you but there’s so much space in between that congregating passangers don’t pose much of a problem.

Summary: If you’re taller and think the exit slide might make it an uncomfortable ride, then chose seats D or E. Boarding and deplaning are a snap as the boarding door is just opposite this row. Worth paying a little extra for if you’re given the choice.

Rating:3 hops (of 5).

How I got it: Delta Silver Medallion Status. Also may be available for purchase as a “Coach Choice” seat for a small fee 24 hours before your flight (if available).

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