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Alaska Airlines BoardRoom – Seattle/Tacoma (SEA)

Jake Redman January 4, 2011 1

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Seattle Tacoma International - SEA

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On January 4, 2011
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Airline/Club Name: Alaska Airlines Boardroom

Location: Seattle/Tacoma Int’l (SEA)

Terminal/Concourse: Between Terminals C & D-Airside.

Notes: Alaska Airline’s only lounge at Seattle/Tacoma can get pretty busy, but is pretty well equipped to handle the crowd. Split into 2 floors with a different setup & feel to each, Alaska caters well to both the business and leisure crowds. The upstairs has large TVs and more of a lively atmosphere whereas the lower level is quiet and better suited for getting some work done.

Wi-Fi & Workstations: Wi-Fi was free and worked well during my visit. Workstations are a bit minimalist in appearance but do the trick. Each is equipped with standard power ports. 2 conference rooms are also available for use.

Service/Food & Drink: Front desk service was exceptional. The layout of the club was fully explained and the warm, friendly staff was very accommodating. Service inside was just as friendly,  even the cleanup crew was sweet and conversational. (Perhaps living in NYC has made this kind of behavior stand out more to me, but it was a nice change.) Snacks were good but not extraordinary. Cheeses, snack mixes and fruits/veggies were available. We missed the complimentary pancakes from their fascinating instant pancake maker (available from 5am – 10am daily).

Convenience to gate: If you’re flying Alaska Airlines it’s very convenient in most cases. Operating primarily from the C & D concourses your walk to the gate shouldn’t be too far. A bit farther if you’re flying other carriers.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

How we got in/Strategy: Priority Pass membership (recommended) allows you to enter member clubs like this one worldwide. A must-have if you’re planning to visit several lounges over the next year. Single visit passes are $45 but day passes still seem like less-than a deal to us. As is the norm, First and Business Class passengers enter at no additional charge.

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