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Video | airberlin Lounge – Düsseldorf Int'l (DUS)

Jake Redman February 18, 2013 1

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On February 18, 2013
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Airport Lounge Name: airberlin Lounge
Location: Düsseldorf International
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal C

Coffee at airberlin lounge - DUS
Because normal buttons are too hard to push. Touch screen coffee at airberlin Lounge – Düsseldorf

Notes: The airberlin lounge at Dusseldorf is a small, dim space with a variety of different seating but appears to have been designed as an afterthought. While it’s nice to have barstools for your pre-flight bender or deep leather loungers for nodding off before missing your connection, everything is packed in too tight here creating a small room that when crowded, is even less exclusive than the busiest gate in the terminal.

Food was “meh”. The domestic-style spread on this visit included a limited breakfast including juices, pastries and snacks. If you’re an early-starter and like ‘the sauce’ with your croissant, there’s a self serve  middle-shelf bar. If you’ve got less of an appetite for morning depressants you’ll likely be drawn to the mezmerizingly cool coffee maker shown in the video review. There’s also a good selection of teas, fountain soda and mixers.

Wi-Fi: For even the savviest occasional international roamers, the lack of complimentary Wi-fi is frustrating. That there’s not a page you can open up, click “I agree” and surf the internet freely in the lounge is maddening. It’s especially frustrating when you’re using a “premium” service that you’ve paid for already. Save the nickel and dime routine for the plane…am i right?  Once logged in, A portal is provided for you to enter your username and password to whatever per-month service you use. “Roaming” charges may apply.

Condiments at airberlin Lounge - DUS
Load up on tiny creme cheese packets before the flight! Condiments and tiny food items at airberlin Lounge – DUS

Service: Check-in this time was very pleasant. The airberlin employed agent was nice enough to explain that we could use either the Sky Lounge or the air berlin Lounge but did her airline a service by pointing out that flight announcements for our airberlin flight would only be heard inside the latter club.

Summary: From the looks of it, airberlin is doing it’s best to seem less “discounty” now that they’re a part of the One World alliance, sort of. the airberlin lounge at dusseldorf might be good in a pinch if the airport is crowded (and for some reason the lounge is not), otherwise there are more attractive options in the terminal .

How to get in: Priority Pass members have the benefit of choosing between the air berlin lounge or the adjacent sky lounge. As the agent so kindly pointed out, the air berlin lounge comes with flight announcements for their airline but we’re not so sure that makes it the better airport lounge.

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